Subject co-ordinator: Lea Alton

Governor responsible for Mathematics: Zoë Farrow

‘Lifelong Confidence and Ability using Mathematics’

At Tibshelf Infant and Nursery School we expect that all pupils can and will achieve in Mathematics. Our Mathematics curriculum is based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum. Teachers in Key Stage 1 use White Rose Mastery resources to support their planning and develop mastery in Mathematics. At the core of every lesson is the intention that children will demonstrate fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Children use a range of practical apparatus to support and develop their understanding of key mathematical concepts. Learning focuses on building a secure knowledge of fundamental skills. Lessons are carefully planned and resourced enabling children to develop conceptual and procedural knowledge. Challenges are used to develop mastery of key mathematical concepts. During lessons teachers use questioning to check, assess and challenge children’s understanding. In response children are expected to articulate explanations using a rich mathematical vocabulary. Mathematics is an inter-connected subject in which pupils need to be able to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas. Teachers plan ensuring pupils have lots of opportunities to apply mathematical knowledge across the curriculum, e.g. in Science and PE. We promote children’s SMCS development through Mathematics in a variety of ways including:

• Facilitating and celebrating moments of awe and wonder when children solve a problem for the first time or discover a hidden connection.

• Providing opportunities for children to work collaboratively to solve Mathematical problems and recognise the power of collaboration and value of using collective ideas.

• We help children appreciate the contribution that Mathematics has made and continues to make in society.We hope at Tibshelf Infant and Nursery School that all children will use their Mathematical skills to make a valuable contribution to our future society.

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