Subject co-ordinator: Lea Alton

Governor responsible for Mathematics: Zoë Farrow

‘Lifelong Confidence and Ability using Mathematics’

Mathematics at Tibshelf Infant and Nursery School

‘Lifelong Confidence and Ability using Mathematics’

At Tibshelf Infant and Nursery School the intent of our Mathematics Curriculum is to help all pupils develop an enjoyment of Maths and a ‘can-do’ attitude towards the subject. To enable this to happen, we move pupils through the curriculum at broadly the same pace, making decisions about when to move learning on based upon children’s’ readiness to progress. We support all pupils to meet their potential by providing regular interventions for those needing extra support, whilst giving pupils who quickly grasp new concepts the opportunity to be challenged though a range of deeper, varied problems. We share the learning journey with children, giving them a clear picture of their progress within Maths. We help pupils develop their fluency when using mental and written methods, also supporting pupils in their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division number facts. We give children opportunities to develop their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills. Through high quality modelling and peer discussion we intend to help pupils develop a rich mathematical vocabulary. We want children to make connections between mathematical ideas and have opportunities to apply learnt mathematical skills across the curriculum.

Maths at home

To help parents/carers develop children’s maths skills at home please look at the following two links:

Small Steps – Sequences of Learning

Progression Grids

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