Welcome to the Tibshelf Schools Collaboration

A very warm welcome to our collaboration website; Tibshelf Infant & Nursery School and Tibshelf Town End Junior School, working in partnership with Tibshelf Playgroup.  We work closely together to create the best education for all of our children. 

We hope the information in this website will give you a flavour of our schools; their values, beliefs and vision and what we think makes them very special places.  Ofsted have judged both settings to be good or better!

I am excited to be taking on the role of Executive Headteacher of Tibshelf Infant & Nursery School and Tibshelf Town End Junior School from 1st January 2023. 

We have a common goal; to develop collaborative relationships to achieve positive outcomes for our school communities, and most importantly for the children in our schools.  That goal is what we are all working towards – to ensure the collaboration of the two schools in Tibshelf is successful so that the education for all of our children is consistent and of a high quality – they deserve the very best!

That’s what we’re about – improving the education for every child, getting it right so that every child makes progress and enjoys learning, and ultimately making sure that the children at our schools develop that life-long love of learning, and have opportunities to be the best that they can be.

To do this our school communities will work hard to build and develop good working relationships that are built ultimately on trust and respect.  We need to embrace change, we need to be positive and respectful, and we need to give this exciting opportunity our time, energy, and understanding.

I feel in a privileged position now to be able to lead and drive forwards the future of Early Years and primary education in Tibshelf.  I am committed to working as part of a team that believes in this collaboration and that will invest emotionally and personally to make it a success.  I know that together we can give the children of Tibshelf – our young people, the opportunities to believe in themselves, aim high and achieve great things alongside us.  Together we can find new ways to inspire our children to love learning, achieve their goals and become even more exceptional human beings!

We believe that every child has the ability to learn and should be recognised as a unique individual. This is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge and values. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. We recognise the need to develop and extend every child’s vocabulary. We recognise the fact that ‘knowing more words makes you smarter’ and that poor vocabulary at 5 years old impacts on a child’s education and longer term academic achievements. We know we need to improve the breadth and depth of vocabulary because we understand that this is the biggest factor in reading progress. Our aim is to ensure every child leaves this school with a rich and varied vocabulary that is not based around a child’s academic ability but which is about the exposure we have given to language that has been built around relevant and interesting experience.

Our curriculums are designed to recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand experiences, allow children to develop interpersonal skills and build resilience to become creative, critical thinkers.

We have agreed that we want the children at our schools to be:

T – Tenacious, I – Imaginative, B – Brave, S – Skilful, H – Honest, E – Enthusiastic, L – Life Long Learners, F – Friendly

Our curriculums embrace the community in which they are situated; recognising local history and geographical links and most importantly aiming to raise the aspirations of our children. The breadth of learning embraces the indoor and outdoor environments on the school sites and in the local community. We place strong emphasis on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our children and our school communities have identified a clear set of values that underpin expectations for behaviour for all members of our school family.

We have a strong partnership with our parents and are committed to working with them to give our children exciting, meaningful, happy and successful times with us.  

I am very proud to be the Executive Headteacher of these wonderful schools and I look forward to working with you as part of our school community.

Executive Headteacher