Tibshelf Infant & Nursery SchoolTibshelf Town End Junior School
Executive Headteacher  Mrs. Zoë Andrews
Deputy Headteachers  Mrs. Lea AltonMrs. Catherine Wheatcroft
School Business Managers / Clerks to GovernorsMr. Chris CaffertyMrs. Lorraine Ward
SENDCOs  Mrs. Zoë AndrewsMrs. Keighley Hoskyns
Nursery / Ducklings / Foundation Stage 1Mrs. Lea Alton
Mrs. Alison Husselbee
Reception /Penguins & Parrots / Foundation Stage 2Mrs. Nicola Moody
Mrs. Sian Lyle
Key Stage 1 / Year 1 and Year 2 classes Toucans/Puffins/FlamingosMrs. Hannah Austin
Miss Megan Rose-Hall
Mrs. Joanne Watson
Mrs. Claire Butler
Key Stage 2 / Year 3 and Year 4 classes Mrs. Catherine Wheatcroft
Mr. Justin Cowell
Mrs. Hilary Crabtree
Mr. Daniel Smith
Key Stage 2 / Year 5 and Year 6 classes Mr. Paul Batchford
Mr. Paul Sharpe
Ms. Cathy Taylor
Miss. Emma Riley
PPA / Supply CoverMiss Joanne WhiteMrs. Keighley Hoskyns
Mr. Justin Dovey
Teaching Assistants:Miss Becky Ryder
Mrs. Laura Wright
Sally McIlwrick
Mrs. Charlotte Smith
Miss Ellie Witton
Sarah Adams
Michelle Hoyes
Tracey Taylor
Gemma Courtney
Zoe Armstrong
Ami Harrison
Annie Turner
Sue Coulson
Mrs. Mollie Marsh
Wendy Vardy
Allie Eley
Cathy Blackwell
Becky Brown
Shirley Elks
Molly Laven
Hannah-Marie Tunnicliffe
Leah Radford
Breakfast ClubSue CoulsonJane Haresign
Leah Radford
Cathy Blackwell
After School CareMiss Becky Ryder
Miss Ellie Witton
Sarah Adams
Tracey Taylor
Gemma Courtney
Zoe Armstrong
Ami Harrison
Leah Radford
Dawn Murphy
Becky Brown
Allie Eley
Learning Mentor   Jenny Hodson
P4YP  Kirsty HolmesKirsty Holmes
School Business Assistant   Jane Haresign
Mid-day SupervisorsMauveen Smith
Teresa Hall
Sarah Smith
Amii Wheatcroft
Kim Knowles
Trina Barrett
Diane Beard
Dawn Murphy Leah Radford
Leanne Dunn
Jane Haresign
Lunchtime Kitchen TeamJeanette
Julie Vaughan
Carol Wallis
Bev Morgan
Jo Barlow
Tum Allen
Caretakers  Lee SmithRob Shaw
CleanersTracy Ron
Amii Wheatcroft
Kathryn McCloughlin