Town End Junior School

Subject Co-Ordinator – Daniel Smith

At Town End Junior School, we seek to provide children with rich opportunities to explore faiths, making connections with their own lives and beliefs. We aim to provide opportunities for children to reflect and ask the bigger questions. We enable the children to do this by:

  • Learning about a range of faiths
  • Learning from a range of faiths
  • Experiencing different religions through visitors and visits
  • Exploration of faith through a range of high-quality sources

Religious Education (RE) is taught in accordance with Derbyshire Education Authority’s agreed syllabus (2020-2025).  This syllabus is based on the Christian faith while also learning about other principal religions.

Daily assemblies incorporate and act of worship, prayers, hymns and incorporate religion, moral, multi-culture, spiritual and British Values.  On Friday we have a special celebration assembly when each class teacher nominates their ‘Star of the Week’ and we celebrate the children’s achievements in and out of school.

Religious Education Policy
2 Year-Cycles