At Tibshelf Infant and Nursery School we follow the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2020-2025). It provides the legal framework for a syllabus for Religious Education for Derby City and Derbyshire schools.

Religious Education contributes dynamically to children’s education by provoking challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. At Tibshelf Infant & Nursery School, our curriculum encompasses spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We want our children to learn about and from religions and world views in local, national and global contexts, to discover, explore and consider different answers to question inspired enquiries. We encourage our children to think for themselves and express their own views, whilst being respectful of the views of others. Throughout our teaching of Religious Education, we explore questions related to aspects of Believing, Expressing and Living.  The religions that we cover in depth are Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

There is a legal requirement for RE to be taught in school. RE is an entitlement for all pupils, however parents/carers do have the right to withdraw their child from some or all of the RE curriculum. Please speak to the headteacher regarding this.

Religious Education Policy

Long Term Plan