Town End Junior School


As part of the Tibshelf federation of schools, we work closely with our colleagues at Tibshelf Infant School to ensure our pupils build on the skills gained during Key Stage 1. At Town End Junior School, we aim to provide a progressive, creative and inclusive curriculum within which all children are able to thrive. We aim to develop our pupils’ skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms and electrical control, giving children the opportunity to use a wide range of materials. We also teach our children basic cooking skills. We believe that Design and Technology is a vital part of the curriculum and gives the children the opportunity to share their own thoughts and ideas and to be creative in the design and modelling/making process. We teach our children to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make a product. Evaluation is also an integral part of the design process and allows children to adapt and improve their product; this is a key skill which they need throughout their life. At Town End Junior School, we want to create independent learners who enjoy a challenge and aren’t afraid to share their ideas and learn from their mistakes.

Thumb DT-3-Is.pdf Design & Technology - 3 I\'s

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Thumb DT-Progression-of-skills-KS2-Tibshelf-SIngle-Year.pdf Design & Technology Progression of skills KS2

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Thumb Long-Term-Plan.pdf Design & Technology - Long Term Plan

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