Tibshelf Infant & Nursery School

High Street, Tibshelf, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 5PP

Tel: 01773 872571

Email: info@tibshelf-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Executive Headteacher – Rachell Boswell

Email: headteacher@tibshelf-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

SENDO – Mrs. Megan Ashall

Email: mashall@tibshelf-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Business Services Manager – Chris Cafferty

Email: chris.cafferty@tibshelf-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk

Any enquires please email info@tibshelf-inf.derbyshire and it will be passed to the relevant person. This email address is monitored by the executive headteacher and office staff.