Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL): Lea Alton

Deputy Designated Safegaurding Lead: Chris Cafferty

Deputy Designated Safegaurding Lead: Rachel Boswell

Governor responsible for Safeguarding: Karen Waring

At Tibshelf Infant & Nursery School we recognise that CHILD PROTECTION AND SAFEGUARDING is everybody’s business. The whole community has a responsibility for KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE and A DUTY TO PROTECT them from abuse. We recognise the importance of WORKING TOGETHER TO SAFEGUARD CHILDREN.


All Staff, including Governors & Volunteers are trained to be alert to the potential need for early help for children and know how to identify, report and intervene to provide services. Staff understand that providing early help is more effective in promoting the welfare of children than reacting later.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in school is LEA ALTON and the Deputy Safeguarding Lead is CHRIS CAFFERTY & RACHEL BOSWELL. The school keeps a list of staff in the 5 Pits Partnership of Schools who are responsible for Child Protection next to the main phones in school for use in the event of an emergency, or a situation where further advice needs to be sought.

A child is in need if he/she is unlikely to achieve or maintain, or to have the opportunity of achieveing or maintaining, a reasonable standard of health or development without the provision of services by a local authority, if their health or development is likely to be significantly impaired without the provision of such services, is disabled.


We work hard to support children to understand that if they have any concerns around their well-being that there is always someone they can talk too. We use assemblies, Computing, R.E. and P.S.H.E. lessons, and story times to share emotions and feelings, to discuss acceptable and unacceptable actions and behaviours, and to talk about how to stay safe at home, in school, in the community and online.

The links below may provide useful information for you. You may also find useful information on our Safeguarding Noticeboard which is in the school library area just inside the main front door. We will continue to pass on up to date information to you as it comes into school.

CEOP is here to keep children safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. CEOP are unable to respond to reports about bullying, fake accounts or account hacking. They are here to help and give you advice, and you can make a report directly to them if something has happened online which has made you feel unsafe, scared or worried. This might be from someone you know in real life, or someone you have only ever met online. They take all reports seriously and they will do everything they can to keep you safe. As well as making a report to us, the CEOP Thinkuknow website has information and advice to help you if something has happened to you online. Click on the CEOP picture below to start making a report.

If you are in immediate danger please call the police on 999 straight away. Please also tell an adult you trust who will be able to help you.

Your child’s safety, well-being and happiness will always be a top priority for us throughout the year. If there is something worrying your child, please let us know – little things can quickly escalate if they are not dealt with. If you are not able to speak to your child’s class teacher at the beginning of the day please feel that you can contact me, or catch me around school if you have any concerns or worries about anything you feel may affect your child’s education. It is very important we are kept informed so that we can ensure your child receives the best care and education. Please also remember to let us know if your immediate contact details change, especially mobile phone numbers.

If you ever need to make contact with school after we have closed please be aware that you can send a message via the School Gateway App or by email, Someone will usually pick up messages from both or one of these sources until about 10pm, and of course, if you need someone to contact you, they will. Sometimes there may be something worrying or upsetting your child and you might not be able to get to the bottom of it – please do not feel you have to worry all night!

Child Friendly Complaints Policy

A guide to Safeguarding for all Visitors and Volunteers

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Please click on the links below to view safeguarding Guidances, Statutory-Non Statutory from the DFE/Government

Keeping children safe in education: Statutory guidance for schools and collegesRegulated activity in relation to children: factual note by HM GovernmentWorking Together to Safeguard Children: An Inter-Agency Guide for Practitioners
DfE Guidance, What to do if you’re worried a child is being abusedDfE Guidance, Information Sharing: Advice for Practitioners July 2018Government Prevent Duty Guidance
The Prevent Duty for Schools and Childcare ProvidersTeaching Online Safety in Schools DfE, June 2019Searching, Screening and Confiscation Advice for Head teachers, schools and governors
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