Town End Junior School

Modern Foreign Languages

“Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures.” (Department for Education, 2013)

At Town End Junior School, children learn French from Year 3 right through to Year 6. We use a high quality and motivating scheme called Click2Teach, in association with the Primary Languages Network. Each year group has six clearly identified and specific topics or themes for the entire year; which equates to one each and every half term. Year 3 study stage 1, Year 4 study stage 2, Year 5 study stage 3 and Year 6 study stage 4. The scheme provides ample opportunities to revisit prior learning; whilst at the same time, goes into considerably more depth on particular topics as the children become older and progress through school.

Each lesson builds on previously taught grammatical structures and gives children valuable experiences of speaking and listening, with written work where relevant and appropriate. French is spoken as much as possible in our weekly sessions, alongside English translation by both teacher and pupils. Comprehensive Medium Term Plans link seamlessly to specific lesson plans for each unit or stage. The lessons are highly engaging, fun and rich in content. Video clips, combined with interesting challenges, puzzles and downloadable activity sheets can really inspire the children to want to learn this vibrant language and helps to embed their developing knowledge. The Click2Teach Programme has a range of other useful tools and features such as: A Knowledge Organiser; Links to Assessment; Interactive Games and even allows opportunities to see work from other schools!

TermStage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 
Autumn 1A new start
Welcome to school
Talking about us/school subjects 
Revisiting me/Telling the time/Everyday life
Autumn 2The calendar and celebrations
My town, your town
Time in the city
Homes and houses
Spring 1Animals I like and don’t like
Family tree and faces
Healthy eating – going to market
Playing and enjoying sport
Spring 2Carnival and using numbers
Face and body parts
Clothes Funfair and favourites
Summer 1Fruits and vegetables, Hungry giant
Feeling unwell / Jungle animals
Out of this world
Cafe culture  
Summer 2Going on a picnic / Aliens in France /Language Puzzle
The weather / Ice creams / Language Puzzle
Going to the seaside / Language PuzzlePerformance time/Transition / Language Puzzle

Example of a lesson plan – Autumn Term 1 – Stage 3

Example of a medium term plan – Autumn 1 – Stage 3