Physical Education at Tibshelf Infant and Nursery School

Daily physical activity is an essential part of the school curriculum for all of our children. As a school there are many opportunities for children to engage with being active, develop healthy lifestyles and make exercise as part of their daily life.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, Physical Development is one of the Prime Areas of the curriculum. It is considered fundamental in the Early Years Foundation Stage along with Communication and Language and PSHE. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, it is about improving skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement so our children have access to equipment that encourages climbing, balancing and jumping. Wide ranging activities can be accessed in their own play areas, in the garden area and on the main playground and these are carefully planned to develop and challenge every child’s confidence and skills, and give opportunities to be physically active. We also encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills through the provision of suitable resources, for example riding bikes and using scissors, throughout the day. This includes opportunities for children with physical disability or motor impairment to develop their physical skills. In Foundation Stage Two children have the opportunity to also access planned activities that offer appropriate physical challenges through timetabled P.E. lessons. These weekly sessions develop the fundamental skills needed for controlled movement, strength and stamina in dance, gymnastics and games. In our school we believe effective physical development helps children to gain confidence in what they can do, feel the benefits of being healthy and active and have a positive sense of well-being.

In Key Stage One, all children access two hours of PE a week through planned dance, gymnastics and games in the hall and outside. Children in Year 1 and 2 are also provided with opportunities to participate in exercise during Continuous Provision throughout the day, as well as at lunch and playtimes. Children have access to bikes and trikes, a fit and fun trolley, basketball, football and table cricket/table tennis, several tyre parks, an artificial grass area, and a garden area. We encourage an ethos of inter and intra competitions throughout the year and the opportunity for all children to take part in sport and enjoy and achieve. We value the contribution that outside agencies can provide and use their expertise to support our teaching and learning of PE.

We actively encourage all Key Stage One children to eat healthily, complete the Daily Mile throughout the day and to attend after school sports related clubs. This year sports clubs have included drummercise, dance, gymnastics, karate, multi-sports and games.

We believe being healthy and experiencing the opportunity to achieve in sport is paramount for our children.

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